FLOOR CLEAN3R (English version)

Today's robot is called FLOOR CLEAN3R. It is very similar to CLEAN3R, a robot from "The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Laboratory" by Daniele Benedettelli, but it has a base for a camera, a bumper the closest possible to the edge of the cloth, and also a program more efficient at cleaning a floor! 
It is, again, composed by the two large motors, and a base for the intelligent brick and sensors! In this case, instead of a sensor to be connected to the base, it is the cleaning accessory, which ends with the touch sensor associated to "bumper". This allows the robot to know when it hits an obstacle or not.
The floor cleaner is close to the ground, and I used a cloth like "swiffer" to grab dust and dirt. 

The program is effective in cleaning a floor because it makes the robot wipe nearly all spaces. This is achieved because it always moves like this: 
___     ___    ___
    |   |    |   |   |              This makes the robot to clean most part of the floor, 
    |   |    |   |   |              since it starts in a corner
    |__|   |__|   |__    
The program begins with a loop where the robot moves forward until it hits an object. At that moment he stops, moves backward, and makes the maneuver moving a little more to the side, allowing him to go cleaning the space next to where it has already cleaned. The loop is made for him to turn the two different ways (left then right), because otherwise, he would always clean the same two spaces. 
Now lets see the usual video, where we can confirm all this:

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