LABYRINTH3R (English version)

Say "Hello" to today's robot! This is a robot based on ROV3R, a robot from the book "The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Laboratory", but with some slight changes in structure, a program refurbished and different functions!
It is constituted only by the two large motors which are each associated with a tread, respectively! Furthermore has only a support for the intelligent brick and for the sensors, the color sensor and the infrared sensor!

This robot is able to "escape" from a maze, avoiding any obstacles too! The program is very simple and consists essentially making it follow a wall at about the same distance! Whenever it detects something between it and the wall, it moves away or closer to the preset distance!
And now you say that following a path through a wall is totally different from "escaping" a maze, but did you knew that you can easily get out of a maze, without getting lost, if you follow a wall by the same side since the beginning? You may end up circulating the whole maze, but actually you will have to get out of it! Funny, no?
The trick is to put it walking in zig-zag, going away when the distance is less than or equal to the chosen, or approaching when the distance is greater than the chosen one, then it's actually moving forward always keeping the same distance from the object!
Due to the impossibility of making a "real" maze, I decided to improvise a path with many obstacles, using what I had on hand (including my first set of LEGO, the LEGO DUPLO set 2393)!
The green dot on the floor marks the beginning of the maze, and the red dot marks its end!

If one of you wants to reproduce this robot and has the possibility to make it navigate by the "real" maze, I would like you to share, in the comments, the video link or post with this maze!
But as always now, you can see a video where the LABYRINTH3R goes through this improvised maze!

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