LINE FOLLOW3R (English version)

We've reached the end of the week and it has arrived another robot ... FOLLOW3R! It's based on ROV3R, a robot, of the book "The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Laboratory" by Daniele Benedettelli. 
This is a very simple robot, with the two large motors associated each one with a wheel (front wheels) and the rear wheels act as wheels of shopping carts. They are "loose" wheels that only serve to balance and follow the movement. Just above the motors is a support base for the intelligent brick and sensors! 
In this robot, the sensor used is the color sensor, since this robot has the function of following a line of electricians tape marked on the floor, operated by a system like traffic lights,with green, yellow and red dots for determining travel speeds or even stop. 

The program is quite interesting and simple! It starts with the color green, so it starts moving at a normal speed, always following the line on the floor! The trick is to walk in zig-zag, curving to the left when it sees the line, curving to the right when it is out of the line, through a "switch" command repeating with a "loop" that only ends when it detects yellow spot. When the yellow color is detected, it will stop for a moment because it would get out of line. And then, significantly reduces its speed, until it finds the green dot again, which accelerates until it stops at the red dot. 
During the course we "played" with the colors that the brick emits, depending on the point where it ha just passed. 
Here is an excerpt of the program: 

Soon I will put "version 2.0" of this robot with an arm that picks balls, along the line and puts them in a box. (link coming soon)
As usual, we can now see a video to realize what was described. 

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