HAND WRIT3R (English version)

Continuing our sharing of robots, it's time for another one! Today's robot, is a very interesting robot that gave me some work ... I chose to call him HAND WRIT3R and you will see why!
This is a robot known by many, from the set Mindstorms EV3 Education, but as you may have noticed, I have the retail set. As you can also see, some parts are different from one set to another, wich gave me some work to adapt the assembly to the pieces I have!
The base and the initial part of the arm are almost similar to the model of Education set, but the last section of the arm and the handle were "improvised" by me, to have the ability to write in a different way from the printers that we are used to see!
In addition, besides controlling it from left to right and up and down, which is already visible in the model from Education set, I  also used the medium engine to allow control of the pen 360º upright! The lateral movement of the arm is possible thanks to a large motor which is lying on the base; and the vertical movement of the arm is due to other large motor that is at the tip of the first part of the arm.

The program for this robot was also a program that gave me some headaches ... As I am no "expert",  I just used action blocks and waiting blocks. It was not difficult to articulate the movements, it was hard to get with the correct angles and speeds, which often made ​​me lose patience! Or because the pen ran off, the arm did not raise, it scratched the table, or because it got stuck on paper, etc ... After about 3 days (intermittent) trying to correct the little details I achieved an admissible writing! I say this because due to the types of movements that the arm and the pen do, there are some times where the level of friction between the pen and the paper makes the writing impossible! Here it is my program, and as you can see, it's long ...

We can now also view the video of the robot working.
NOTE: I apologize for the finger in the arm, but it was the only way I found to reduce friction between the pen and the paper, without compromising the writing!

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